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OK so I have not blogged in a few days, but in my defense I have been busy! Honest!

Today was my first evening as a teacher (well kind of) – I am teaching (informally) beauty therapy at night in the local youth clubs in the area. It was really good I enjoyed it. I thought I would be more nervous than what I was, I just went in there and got on with it, but ended up having a really good time.

I still haven’t got any further with the drop stitch vest – I am itching to get my hands on it but sadly I have a few other items that need finishing first. I have almost finished the nurse for my ill friend – she better appreciate it (he he) I had to undo the skirt 3 times to get it to fit – NOT impressed! But here is a picture of it so far….

I am please with her so far. The next project is one for my L&V yarn PrOn swap partner so can’t say too much just in case she is reading.

Speaking of which I have had a gift from my swapee. I almost killed my cats in the process. Picture it….. I had just returned home from work, “hmmm that doesn’t look like a bill” cats come to greet me “IT’S FROM MY PARTNER – ssqqqueeeee”. Cats fluff up to 4 times their normal size and try to run, while I am stampeding to open the envelope. Not a pretty sight. Anyway my parcel contained a card and a magnet which had this little ditty on it about shoes (my second love). Weird – I think we may be psychically connected somehow. Anyhooo here’s a pic….

I also have my eye on a lacy cardigan in a nice blue cotton – nice for the *ahem* warm summer evenings that will be coming up.

News on the deplenishing bank balance is that I have bought a sewing machine off eBay! I am going to pick it up on Friday so will be shouting out for help after that. I really enjoy hand knitting but would like to try a machine out just for the kicks. I have also bought this pattern and this yarn from the loopy ewe – I heard a lot about them from L&V so I thought I would give it a go. Can’t wait to see them and feel them.

I also thought I would introduce you to my adorable nephew TJ – he is one reason that I didn’t get much knitting done this weekend – he spent the night with Auntie Sarah, who of course did her best to spoil him rotten. He was adorable so I didn’t mind the spoiling or the lack of knitting.
Any how bedtime or there will be no funds to replenish the never ending supply of money I will need!


So I am trying really hard to finish the drop stitch vest that I am working on, but haven’t had much crafty time lately. I have also signed up to the Lime n Violet Yarn Pron exchange so I have been busy making crafty items for my swappee. Squeee!

But today I have had the WHOLE day to myself doing nothing but knitting and I have finished the front!

The stitch is really nice…but it was a little unnerving dropping stitches on purpose!

Now for the bad news – I found out a friend of mine has been admitted to hospital after a serious case of pancreatic something (!?!). So I am making her a Jean Greenhowe Nurse Mascot as a little get well msg. So the back of the vest will have to wait until I have finished the Nurse.

I am going through a stage where I want all the UFO’s out of my house and I am determined that this will not add to the list! I seem to have wool and half done projects everywhere – the best thing is I get loads of satisfaction of seeing a project all finished.

My resolution is after the nurse there is no more new projects going on the needles until at least one other is finish. Then I am going to treat myself to some sock yarn and make those monkeys I’ve been wanting!

OK – I have never blogged before, and it is a fairly new concept to me too, so bear with me if I make some mistakes!

There are a few things you should know about me – I am married, with two cats (who really are make believe children), I live in a flat that does not have enough space to keep up with my hobbies, I love all animals even the icky ones, I like to be Crafty and am always on the go with one thing or another.

So this is how it started…….

IJ (Hubby) was very nice to me and brought me an ipod for Christmas. I love my music, really I will listen to anything that has a beat, but realising that I did not want to listen to music all of the time I went a searching for audio books in the itunes store and found podcasts!

This was a whole new area to me, so I thought I would start with something that I knew and started listening to various podcasts about knitting……but couldn’t find anything I really liked.

Then I found Lime n Violet!

I have soon become addicted (I’m actually writing this from a rehab centre….they say it helps to talk, hehehehe).

I read a lot of comments mentioning blogs, but didn’t really take much notice….until I got involved in a swap and read my swappee’s blog, so here I am with one of my very own!

So to talk…..

Lots of things are happening here in general at the moment….On my needles I am really trying to finish the Drop Stitch Vest. After this is done I can treat myself to some sock yarn and (try) to make myself a pair of monkey’s. This will be my first pair of socks! Oh, how I long to no longer be a sock virgin!

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