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The reason why we went to the Pub for a meal is we are


My hubby has got a new job and can leave the sh*t a*se company that he works for, to a job with better prospects, unlimited training …. you name it this job has it!

And me …. I have been accepted onto a degree course for Youth Work.


It is all very exciting!

And for those of you who were wondering the meal was lovely…..

I had Crayfish tail Salad with home made bread and Spicy Ramboulet, Moussakka with mixed leaf salad and Garlic bread and Apple tart with Crunchy Crumble topping with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream…….. YUM 😉


My extended family (the out laws), knowing what a sucker I am for all animals, “gave” us a gerbil on Sunday night. I have christened him Gremlin. He is quite cute, but…….a gerbil, why can’t someone give me a puppy or another kitten? Here’s a pic to keep you updated…

The cats think he is some kind of TV. I didn’t think they would be attacking him (we had a mouse infestation, they watched as mice played around them). But still it is cute watching them.
Other news is I have no finished objects! 😦 But I have made progress on the other stuff I am knitting and I have made a beginning of May resolution. So the progress is I am know 11 in through the back of my drop stitch vest top, but I also cast on my first sock from my the yarn L&V Yarn Porn partner sent me. Which takes me nicely to my resolution:
For every new thing I cast on, I will revisit and finish one of my unfinished projects”
Wow, it looks good there, but putting it into practice may be something quite different! So inline with my resolution I have picked up my Knitted Winnie the Pooh toy again and started to do a bit of work on that.

The colours of the sock are very pretty. I wasn’t sure about the softness when it was skeined up, but when it is knitted oooohhhh boy! My feet will think they have just hit Nirvana.

Other crafty things I have been attempting are Spinning, which I like. I bought a drop spindle kit off ebay. But I really don’t know what I am doing so I have ordered Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey, and will wait to see what happens when that comes.
I have also ordered a Koolaide dying kit, which I haven’t had chance to play with yet, but I have some time off soon, so I will have a go then.
I have also been modelling a lot with Fimo. I have been making mini animal stitch markers. I am debating whether to sell them on ebay or Etsy. I am still trying to decide though – I have so far been giving them out in swaps and the reports back have been good.
And that is all my news for now, hubby has just come home and offered me a meal out, so if I think of anything else I will post later.

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