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Posted on: May 20, 2007

I finally finished the Drop Stitch Vest from Stitch n Bitch Nation!

I am fairly pleased with the results, although if I make one again I think I would make the armholes and head hole bigger.

I am now getting to work on my first pair of socks. I have started the first sock and am 3 1/2 inches into the cuff. But I am going to work on them today, and plan to take them with me to my first knitting group on Tuesday (I didn’t get to go last week – family problems…..don’t ask *eye roll*).
Yarn porn this week is small and I am waiting for it to arrive so no pics as yet, but I ordered two skeins from the Goblin Market series from Lime n Violet. I ordered The Market Entrance and Moonstone Molly. Can’t wait for them to arrive.
Making progress on the HSKS. I have now picked a bag pattern and as soon as I get paid will have the yarn to make it with. I have just had an idea for stitch markers so I will be working on them later on. Other than that I am pretty much ready *roll*. Looking at the swap page is scary – people are actually ready to post out now. I’ve only just managed to choose a pattern….
Better go and get to work…..

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