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So, this will be my first proper post in a while that does not focus on Harry Potter. Although I love Mr Potter and his series of films, I am looking for different things from this post. What are they I hear you ask (ok, maybe not you but the voices in my head), well, I would like the peace and serenity of posting, I would like to gossip with my friends (ok voices in my head again) about my yarn purchases, yes they are few but they are worthy of discussion, I would like to show off all the handmade goodness that I have, I would like to share the joys of a new obsession, and world peace (sorry ignore that last piece I was getting carried away in my own glory).

Reading back over my posts they have been ones of necessity. I post about knitting, yarn, competitions and swaps. One of my new ‘me time’ things has been to read the blogs of others. I enjoy hearing different perspectives, what others are getting up to and different ways of life. Reading these has brought me to a conclusion though, where their blogs are full of (I’m assuming) their personalities and lives,mine is much more monochrome, so I’ve decided to make an effort to change this. I’ve also become a fan of lists. You see my life exists in a kind of doubledom. In work I am organised, effiecient office assistant that is cheerful and perky, in contrast at home I am disorganised, not effiecient housewife that is miserable and disdainful and I don’t like it any more dammit!

I have developed a new list system. I have three main lists. One for work, making me ever more efficient, one for home, which I hope will make me more effiecient, and one just for me which means that instead of saying yes I would like to try to dye some yarn but I have to clean the kitchen first will make me say sod the kitchen I am dying yarn now!

And here endeth the lesson on Sarah’s life……but seriously the work thing is excellent, the home list is good (it’s taking the hubby time to get used to but still making progress) but the me list is buried in dust somewhere cos I havn’t got to the item on the house list that says clear dust, find me list. What am I supposed to do….answers on a postcard, prizes drawn at random.

And so to the knitting. It has amazed me recently that although I have always knit, it has been one of those hobbies that I picked up when I felt like it, but in this recent spate it has changed so dramatically. And I think it has to do with friendship and socialising. My DH so kindly presented me with a funky blue ipod nano as my Christmas gift last year, and honestly I think it is the best present he has ever given me. While getting my bearings with said nano I happened across podcasts which were free, my god FREE. So I went about downloading as many as I could that would even remotely interest me. I downloaded every thing from comedy to horror, from talk shows to plays, on every topic imagineable, but not many of them stuck. They just didn’t impress me. Just as I was about to give up I found a section on knitting and thought, well hell they are free, and downloaded a couple. I also followed the ‘people who listen to this also listen to….’ link and spotted one called Lime n Violet and I was hooked.

These women were intelligent, funny, knitters and young! I found they had a msg board, where there was a host of other men and women who knit all supporting one another in their own little community. I was in awe. And constantly inspired, both through lessons of knitting and life.

These people discuss everything on the boards, from pregnancy, illness, laughs and cries and everyone listens and supports one another and leaves words of wisdom, encouragement or commiseration. It is now my favourite place to hang out. And never fails to give me just what I am looking for. So this time knitting has stuck. And I cannot get enough of it. I love all the new doors that knitting has opened for me. If knitting were a person I would love to be buried in snuggles by it forever, that is how in love I am.

So Yarn Porn. It has been so long since I posted I forget what I posted about, so if there are repetitions dear reader (yes that one person I know is reading) forgive me. On the left is The Market Entrance by Miss Violet of Lime and Violet, in the middle is Moonstone Molly by Miss V and on the right is Happy Pastels by Fyberspates, who would you believe it are based in Wales!?! All are lovely and squishy and are recommended to all.

Next is finished items. I have finished my first pair of socks. And I am so hapy with them. I am now addicted to sock knitting. But in my wisdom I brought a truck load of sock wool, but forgot the knitting needles to go with them. So sadley no more sock knitting until payday when I can go out and buy more needles!

I also finished knitting and sewing together my bag for my Harry Potter Sock Kit Swap, I just have to sew the handles on and it can go off to it’s new home in Germany.

I have also finished my first square piece from Scarf Circle 3. I tried to come up with a different pattern, but then I found this running hearts pattern on the web and love it. Knitted up in green sirdar snuggly. Very nice.

I’ve made some progress too on my Winnie the Pooh toy. This is a back piece that is around 80% finished.

In other crafty news, I have been making tiny fimo animals to use as stitch markers and buttons. I’m thinking of opening an ebay/etsy store to sell them on, but I’m not sure on the demand. The stitch markers just need varnishing and the rings putting on them otherwise they are finished. More pics are on my flickr site if you are interested.

Last item on the agenda is my new obsession. A while back I got tagged by Yardgnomes. In her blog she talks about podiobooks. Which are kind of like an audiobook, but they are free and come in installments like podcasts. I have listed to one and a half so far and enjoyed them loads. The first was called Nina Kimberly the Merciless. This is a very funny and warming tale of a young princess, on a quest. The second is called Shadowmagic. It is about a family and the magical land of Tir Nanog. I’m around half way through this one. If you haven’t tried these books yet I would recommend them, they are both very good.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I’m off and won’t leave it so long next time……..


Ok guys this is the last week so it’s going to be a toughie – hopefully!

1. Solve the puzzle and tell me who is in the picture and what houses they belong to:


2. Who are the two people in the pictures and what is the connection between them?

Picture 1

Picture 2

3. I live in a house made of wood, that is within a bigger house. I lived on my own for many years. I have a heritage which I am proud of. Although sometimes my view is obscured I still know what is happening in my house. I have those who are loyal to me and my family. I remove from sight those who displease me. I like to make my feelings known. Who am I?

As usual first one to mail me the answers wins – The prize for this Challenge is a Charmed Knits book, if you already have the book though let me know and we can think up an alternative between us.

Good Luck!


1. I was the first student to find Potter standing over Justin Finch-Fletchley after he was attacked in my second year. I accused him of being the attacker. What is my name?
Ernie MacMillan

2. I support Lord Voldemort wholeheartedly and my husband is a Death Eater. I constantly have an expression as though I have dung under my nose, according to that piece of filth: Potter. One day my master will finish him off and I would be glad to help him. Who am I?
Narcissa Malfoy

3. I owned an ice-cream parlour in Diagon Alley until I went missing in 1996. My shop showed many signs of a struggle. What is my name?
Florean Fortescue

4. In Deathly Hallows which Dursley will have something more revealed about him or her?

5. Which Weasley character will get married in Deathly Hallows?FredCharlieBillPercy6. Who is the Slytherin Ghost?
Bloody Baron

7. What animal can Professor McGonagall transform into?

8. In the Goblet of Fire despite being underage, Harry’s name is drawn from the Goblet of Fire to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Hagrid takes Harry with him on his way to a meeting with Madame Maxime in order to warn him about the first task, battling a dragon. On the way, Harry notices that Hagrid is wearing something rather unusual (unusual for Hagrid, anyway!). What is it?
A flower in his lapel

9. In the Goblet of Fire the Triwizard Champions’ first task is to face one of four dragons. Harry draws the Hungarian Horntail – the nastiest of the bunch. What does he use his wand to summon in order to help him with this task?

10. In the Half-Blood Prince Luna is commentating the Quidditch match, “. . . but now that big Hufflepuff player’s got the Quaffle from, her, I can’t remember his name, it’s something like Bibble — no, Buggins” What was the Hufflepuff player’s name?

Picture Scavenger HuntYou can either upload the pictures to your blog or you can link the pictures.

Please show us . . .Lord Voldemort

Lucius Malfoy
The poster from movie number 5
Dolores Umbridge

Ginny Weasley

Here we are again folks!

As this is week 4 I am going to (try) make the challenge a little more difficult. I have unconciously been following themes, last weeks was the ghosts, this weeks is vilains 😉

From what I gather those of you who are participating are enjoying it so I will carry on…..

Part 1 is to tell me who is speaking in the following quote and who are they making fun of:

a)Ow! That looks really painful.
b)It’s sorta painful. They uh, they might… chop it.
a)I’m sure Madame Pomfrey will fix it in a heartbeat.
b)It’s too late, it’s ruined. It’ll have to be chopped off.

Part 2 is to tell me who the actress is in this jigsaw and what character is she playing:


Part 3 is to tell me who the villain is in this picture


As usual first one to mail me with the answers wins the prize!

Good luck!

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