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Posted on: July 16, 2007

I am soooo tired.

Mum and I have had a huge fight – she has done some things I don’t know whether I can forgive.

On the upside I finished the book I was reading (there’s a bear in there…..) I loved it and would recommend it to anyone.

On the work front it is really busy. We are having an awards ceremony on the 18th (Wednesday) so I am busily trying to prepare for that, except my computer just won’t compute when I want it to……grrrrr.

Things not going so well with the knitting or the house cleaning,but hey I will get to it eventually. I am making slow progress with the jaywalker. I’ve also found some nice scarves that I would like to knit for christimas gifts. I have al the yarn picked out too. But hey that is me and Christmas – way too organised.

PS – I have also broke my toe – painfull!


DH and I looked after our nephew last night. We took him to our friends house to have a bbq. And then we came home to bed. Fine. All was good. Until DH snored all night. I have never ever had such a blood lust to see someone dead in my entire life.

I’m going to return my nephew to his mummy and then aunty Sarah is going to get some peaceful time….on her own.

Posted on: July 11, 2007

So I went for tea at the mother-in-laws today – it was ok, she made curry, which she does do really well.

I mananged to knit some on my Jaywalker. The pattern is coming out really cool, although I have made some mistakes.

On my lunch hour today I went to the library to return some books. I got a couple out that I wasn’t expecting. I was busy looking in the social sciences section for read up material for my course when I saw a book called There’s a Bear in There (and he wants swedish). The title intrigued me, especially when it was surrounded by books titles How to be a Good Social Worker, and Communication for Dummies. So I picked it up read the synopsis and thought mmmmm…….

I found myself a comfy chair sat down…. and was hooked. In the couple of hours that I had this book I have managed to read a quarter of the way through it. It is fascinating, although what it was doing in this section I do not know – ah well it must of been fate. I would highly recommend it though, even from the bit I have read.

I got out a couple more books, and went back to my desk, where they made more fun of me for being a knitter?!? One colleague suggested that she was going to find me a hobby, but I already have one I replied. Why don’t they understand that knitting is not for little old ladies with blue rinses anymore (no offense meant ladies). There are knitters of all ages all over the world, and of all shapes and sizes, religions, gender, sexuality. So why if it is making me happy do people find it such a bone of contention. I like my hobby – I have met a world of interesting and diverse people who I would possibly not had the chance to meet without my hobby, and I produce something useful out of it. How many girl guides can honestly say they will ever need the traning of living out in the wild without no modern day luxuries? Yet they will need socks, whether in the wild or not. (again no offense, I’m only jealous because I got thrown out of the girl guides and was not allowed back in!)


And to finish with an interesting fact – did you know that sheeps wool is made of the same protein as the top layer of human skin? All these essays and studying are producing something good – see?

well in body if not in mind!

My head is well and truly fudged. I have student work coming out of my ears and I haven’t even started the degree that I signed up for!

Short story is …. the informal learning course that was going to last for around about a year is now a degree course that could last for up to 3 years people. I’m also signed up for a higher diploma in youth work, and I am trying to finish my NVQ, renovate (tidy up) my flat, sprng clean, reorganise, eat, sleep, knit, crochet, post a 1001 things to swap people. And work a full time job. Thank Goodness my Mum is now on the mend and I don’t have to sort her out any more.

On the knitting front, I started the Fine Filigree fingerlings frogged them 3 times and put it all in a packet for me to deal with later, I received my HSKS package from Paula and loved it. I have started a pair of Jaywalkers with some wool that I am testknitting with from Doodlebirds. I have also crocheted fit to be tied from Stitch n Bitch the Happy Hooker. This is waiting for a lining and then it can go off to it’s new home with Lia!

As I am procrastinating from doing another essay, I will go now to at least attempt it, and will post pictures soon!

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