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It’s been a while since I have posted and a lot has happened. Now that the new year is looming I started to think about what I wanted my goals for 2008 to be. There are lots of things that I want, but sadly they are not the most realistic (win lottery, open own business, find world peace, cure illness……). So I have decided to be very realistic on what my goals should be. I am also going to be extremely selfish and say that they are things that I want, not for the house/job/husband etc. So my list is about things that are going to make me feel better. That is when I found this .

Completing goals in 1001 days seems a lot more realistic than in one year, so I have decided to give it a go. I have decided to start on the 1 January 2008. So on with the list:

1) Post to blog when I have completed something off list or worked towards it.
2) Reduce BMI to 30 or less
3) Join Weight Watchers to help with (2)
4) Join the gym
5) Visit gym at least twice a week
6) Clear debts
7) Save for a house deposit
8) Complete a knitting project other than socks
9) Complete a crochet project other than blanket
10) Buy yarn for above projects
11) Spend at least 30mins a day on a hobby of mine
12) Spend at least 30mins a day relaxing before bedtime
13) Attend Guild of Weavers and Spinners
14) Complete first semester of V4AC course
15) Be more organised for 14
16) Clean the house from top to bottom at least once a month
17) Have a cleaning schedule and follow it
18) De-clutter the bedroom
19) De-stash book case
20) Cook from scratch more often, hence eating healthier
21) Work on etsy store
22) Learn Fairisle
23) Learn Intarsia
24) Knit a cable project
25) Write an amigurumi pattern
26) See what others think of the pattern
27) Organise Itunes folder (it is driving me crazy)
28) Collect all the Funkeys (13/48)
29) Buy myself an item off my wishlist once a month
30) Have a meal out with DH once a month (4/33)
31) Try not to over do it in work
32) Try to finish all UFO’s
33) Learn to spin properly
34) Try dying my own yarn
35) Go on holiday at least twice
36) Arrange automatic transfer to savings account
37) Keep the above money in the savings account
38) Try a knitting pattern with a chart
39) Make cross stitch Christmas cards for family and close friends (0/10)
40) Make above people a hand made gift (0/10)
41) Post to the blog once at least once a month (0/33)
42) Make a baby basket up for Kirsty
43) Finish at least one project a month (0/33)
44) Make a scrapbook with a years worth of photographs
45) Visit two haunted houses (1/2)
46) Visit Stratford on Avon(Home of Shakespeare)
47) Visit the Lake District (Home of Beatrix Potter)
48) Try letter boxing while at above two places
49) Organise Yarn Stash
50) Clear out under the bed
51) Clear out clothes stash (triple wardrobe, 6 drawers, airing cupboard and 7 bin bags)
52) Visit Stoke on Trent (Falkstaff Experience)
53) Put all bills in folders and create filing system
54) Set up light feature that Judy brought us
55) Clear out DVD & CD stash
56) Put all collectible Winnie the Pooh’s on shelf in bedroom
57) Put shelves up in kitchen decided not too, cook books on bookcase in living room
58) Arrange cook books on shelf
59) Put up new curtains in the lounge
60) Re-hang curtains in the kitchen
61) Fix knitting machine
62) Knit an item on knitting machine
63) Organise Pattern Stash
64) Re-try tatting to see if I can master it
65) Go to the local knitting group at least once
66) Post knitting stuff on KnitWars
67) Find a new home for doll collection
68) Make a one and only dolls type doll
69) Finish Winnie the Pooh cross stitch pillow
70) Sew a bag, and use it
71) Make at least 12 items off my ravelry queue (0/12)
72) Read 20 books (0/20)
73) Make a blanket for DH (crochet)
74) Complete 5 cross stitch projects (not including xmas cards) (0/5)
75) Make 10 sets of fimo stitch markers (0/10)
76) Take up a meditation course
78) Make an ipod cosy that I am happy with
78) Learn needle felting
79) Make a needle felted item
80) Use up fabric stash
81) Finish duvet set that I started
82) Learn how to quilt properly
83) Make a quilt
84) Visit Disneyland Paris at least once, and stay in the castle
85) Make my nana some cooking pinnies
86) Improve credit rating
87) Make 6 pairs of socks (1/6)
88) Put together a wedding scrapbook
89) Make a book of all the projects that I would like to complete – an idea journal
90) Design and make a table runner set for mum for christmas (not an xmas gift)
91) Bring a vase to work for the wooden roses that DH gave me
92) Make more ‘family’ calenders for xmas gifts
93) Make a bag to carry ipod in
94) Until backlog is cleared do at least 1 load of washing a day
95) Put all clothes away as soon as they are dry
96) Buy mirrors for the hallway
97) Buy stands for the speakers in the living room
98) Scan relevant patterns from knitting magazines
99) After scanning knitting magazines donate them/recycle
100) Buy a table that I need to do homework etc
101) Clean out attic


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