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One of my 101 in 1001 days was to visit two haunted houses (hence the title).

We visited the Plas Teg, Mold in February 08. The house is fantastic old house that is being restored by it’s owner to it’s period style. I love this house. I get such a homely feeling as soon as I walk through the door. This will be the second time that I have visited this house. The first time there was lots of activity, this time not so much. I have a feeling though that this may be because I wasn’t feeling in top form, so wasn’t really paying attention anyway.

This is my youngest sister Laura (right hand side) and her friend Nicole that came with us on our ‘ghost hunt’. They were really nervous. I don’t think I have held Laura’s hand so much since she was a little girl.

This photo is taken in the Great Hall. There are some really huge paintings in here and some interesting statues. There is also a huge open fireplace. There is always a large fire going to keep us warm. This section of the house is used as a base. The groups return here throughout the night to have refreshments and a warm!

I’m not sure what this room was called, I remember the host saying that this room would be the one that would host parties. We had a bit of a seance in this room. There was a harp in the corner that kept having it’s strings plucked – even though there was no one around it. There was the spirit of a little girl in this room called Emily. She was made to practice the harp lesson’s she was being given and was supposedly the reason why the harp plucked itself. This didn’t happen on the last visit to the house.

This is a better photo of the fireplace and picture above it. The picture is one of Medusa’s head. It is a horrible painting. Really dark and murky looking. The fireplace underneath is more interesting though. I believe it is an original fireplace and has witches marks (pentagrams) carved into the stone to ward off evil spirits.

I love the building, is fabulous, but I hate with a passion this room. Both times that we have visited I have had a bad reaction to this room. It is like a panic sensation and a fight to the death to get out. There is a bad spirit in this room. I think his name was Sir John Treffor (sp?). He likes to play games with the people inside. He is not happy with all the intrusions and makes it obvious to all that go in. It is easy enough to tell if he is around though because with him comes the smell of sweaty feet. EEwwww. It is not plesant.

The first visit we tried table tipping in this room, but not much happened to the table. This time we tried glass divination, which was much more sucessfull. What was interesting is that we not only got some of the spirits from the house, but also family members of the group came through. We had to be carefull though and ask some security questions first to make sure that it was a relative and not Sir John playing with us.

This is a picture of the Twin Room. It is such a nice room with a lovely atmosphere. The first time we visited the whole group ended up in hysterical laughter and no one knew why. This time there was still the light feeling. The lady in the middle was one of our group. She felt amazingly cold in this area of the room. On the first visit outside of this room we had a visit from a spirit that the group had named Leonard. Whenever he was around there was the most amazing sweet smell, like toffee apples and candyfloss.

All in all it was a wonderfull visit. I would recommend going to anyone – even if it is just to see the fantastic renovations that have gone on.



Posted on: May 9, 2008

Found out they are not renewing DH’s contract.

Awww !~*~@!

Oh well, if it doesn’t kill us………..

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