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My nephew…..

Posted on: June 25, 2008

The following is an actual scene involving actual family members:

My gorgeous little nephew (he is 3 1/2) was in school the otherday, and they had completed an art project which they were to give to someone they cared about very much.  The teacher sat the class down and asked them who they would be giving their special project to:

Teacher: So, Child 1 who are you giving your project to?

Child 1: My mummy, I love her best.

Teacher: and what about you child 2?

Child 2: Erm, my grandma because she lets me have nice things.

Teacher:  Remember you are to give this project to someone who you love a great deal, someone you really care about.  What about you Nephew?

Nephew: Erm…..(looks at project thoughtfully), hmmmm……i think I am going to give my project to me because I love me the best. (Grins, pleased with his answer)

Teacher: (shocked into silence)………………

I’m telling you now, the child is going to be great.  You heard it here first.


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