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This week has been hectic to say the least!

There has been cleaning out of the attic, freecycling and ebaying (can you tell I’m preparing for something ;o) – NO I’m not pregnant).

When things are more set in stone I can announce it to the world (insert evil laugh here).  My living room is looking a little more homely and a little less murubbi’s removals now – I seem to be getting some kind of order in here and in case you are wondering it does have an effect on the knitting.

When I feel like I am in Chaos, whether it be in work, home or family life, I simply can’t settle myself down to knit.  I am either really tired and feel unable to do anything or have to be cleaning or tidying somewhere to keep myself busy.  When things are calmer I am too.  I find I can relax better, have a lot more energy and concentration.  With each little bit of the clutter going I can feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I am making progress with my blanket, but I have to admit I am a little behind, but I am hoping to catch up this week so I will be on the same page as everyone else.

I have counted the poll for this weeks block, but there are only 40 votes, despite there being over 100 taking part – so don’t forget to vote for the block you would most like.  It is your blanket as much as mine, so you deserve some input into it too!

This KAL has really surprised me!  I started off with 9 of my Plurk buds , then over night it exploded.  I have even had some people request that I sell them the pattern!  I have had more requests for people to join though, so I am thinking of starting round 2 within the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I will be able to give people a little more time than 24hrs to sign up!

Anyway, on with the Poll – I thought we should try some lace knitting this week.

Happy Knitting!


I’m not sure which square to do now! 

The KAL has had a massive explosion of participants, which while is lovely and quite flattering but is rather daunting too.  The new people are also at a disadvatage too as they are starting in on week 2 so have a little bit to catch up on, so maybe something simple for week 3?

Whaddya think?  These will go under the ‘pattern’ blocks section.

to tell you that I am a bad puppy mummy!

When I got home last night, I went to the side got Poppy’s lead and took her straight out for a ‘W’ (yes she is so brainy that she can understand the W word and spell it too).

I noticed on the walk that she seemed to be making some funny noises – this worried me.  For those of you on Plurk will know that my little darling has been eating a variety of things that puppies don’t normally eat (try illuminous yellow silly putty and a doll basket filled with imitation berries that turned her mouth illuminous pink for about 3 hours).

I returned home with her and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  She seemed her normal self, so I just put it down to a quirk in her personality.

Until bed time, when I noticed her collar was a little snug, ok so it took a while to get off, alright I thought I was going to have to cut it off it was that tight! 

I’m such a bad mummy – I had to add about 3 inches to the length!  She has grown so much and I just didn’t realise.  When we first brought her home the collar was on it’s smallest setting and a little too big for her, now all of a sudden it’s too small!  I gave her lots of fusses and choccy bones to say sorry and she seemed pretty happy afterwards.

So all is well.  Well almost – Poppy has found her growl last night.  So is merrily going around growling at everything, including the cats, who are viewing her with a mixture of annoyance and disdain!

Just to prove she is as cute as ever, I have included some pictures taken moments earlier.

OK so Monday is looming and that is time for a new block, so as promised you are able to vote for the block that you would like.

Personally Fair Ise and Intarsia scare me, so I thought  that we would get one of them out of the way first.  I though something simple might be nice so I chose 3 knitting related silhouettes to choose from.

Vote for you fav – all answers are kept a secret until Monday 🙂

Let me know how you are doing with your other squares?  Are you OK or do you want me to slow down a bit? 

If you email pics of squares you have completed I can include them in next weeks post.


For those taking part in the Blanket KAL, your first email should be in your inbox now.

Any problems let me know.


OK, so for the Blanket KAL we have a nice small group.  I’ll list your names here, if I haven’t got an email addy then I will say here too.  If there is anyone else who still wants to join, let me know now and I can add you.  The first mailing of the design and patterns will be sent out tomorrow morning.




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