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Saturday 12th September saw me bundling up in thermals and a weatherproof jacket to brave the great outdoors. 

We arrive at Gop Hill about 11pm.  I had never been to this location before and really didn’t know what to expect.  The only thing I was aware of was that it was also known by it’s alternative name, the Hollow of Woe.

I had never been on an outdoor investigation before, so this was a first in many ways for me.  I did no research before I went as I wanted to experience the destination with a clean slate.  I didn’t want any other factors to influence me at all.

When we arrived I found the area to be heavily wooded.  It was really dark in there.  When the torches were switched off it was so dark you really couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.  At first we had a bit of a trundle around to see if anything was apparent, the others in the group had visited the site previously, so knew the lay of the land pretty well.

On a previous visit they found a wreath which had been left (they assumed) for a man who took his own life in that area.  Others in the group had reported smelling a cologne or perfume, and although I had a slight whiff of it now and again I didn’t experience it to the extent that they did.  This was quite strange being in the middle of the woods.  None of the members are allowed to wear any scents or deodorants while on investigation – for this purpose.  So that if something like this does happen you are able to rule out others in the group straight away.

That is when for me the strangeness began.  Another member began to be affected by the area, so we were all asked to turn off our torches and just wait quietly to see if we could hear or see anything.  Like I said it was really dark, but I was able to see the night sky through the trees.  I don’t know why but I suddenly became convinced that the night sky ‘wasn’t right’.  I was convinced that the sky should be more dawn like – when the morning light is just meeting the night sky.  I was like this for some time, just staring at the sky and having this internal conversation with myself.  Firstly I couldn’t understand what or why I was thinking this way, secondly I had belief with conviction that the sky wasn’t right and I was ready to argue with anyone who didn’t believe me.  It was then that I heard and felt someone running towards my back, I thought it was another member of the group, so switched my torch on quick and spun around.  There was no one there and none of the others had moved from their original position.

I turned the torch off and stood again, but all feelings about the sky had totally disapeared…..weird.

I can’t wait to go up there again.  Now I know what to expect I can be much more relaxed about going and hopefully explore a little more.


I’m still alive and in blogging land – although I am sure that someone has some kind of vendetta against me!  Things can never run smoothly there always has to be a couple of speed bumps and the odd pedestrian lying in the road.

Anyhoo good news is we have finally paid the deposit on the house we are about to rent, bad news is it still isn’t ready yet, good news is they think it should be by the end of September, bad news is there is no kitchen, barely a bathroom, barely safe electricity, no plaster on the upstairs walls and a couple of missing floor boards – your getting the picture right?

Me thinks ‘ready by the end of September?!? BAH ha aha aha aha aha’.

So instead I have been interior decorating from afar.  I have all new bits for the bathroom, thanks to a wonderful sale I found yesterday.  The kitchen bits and pieces are coming along nicely, and the plans for the soft furnishings in the other rooms are falling into place.

I have also been keeping myself busy with crafty escapades.  The blanket KAL is on week 14 and seems to be going well (at least I haven’t had any complaints) and the first person to make a guess on the Knitting Whodunnit Swap went through to the second round yesterday (only five more to go!)

PIC_0290I have been spinning; firstly a pic of the skeined ‘first spun’.  I have decided to call it Easter Egg Eggsplosion because that’s what it reminds me of.

It is very pretty, just a little colourful.  It is going to be made into a cowl as soon as I have finished one project that is on the needles!  I’m thinking of maybe a moebius or something. 


Next up and on the spindle is some lovely Merino is a collection of blues that I adore.  It is spinning up nicely – I think I have managed to up the weight to something around sock level once it is plied (I was having problems because all I could produce was laceweight).  I thinking of spinning up some of the welsh black mountain fleece that I got earlier on in the year and plying it with that, I think the gradience of the different blues from light to dark plied with the black will work really well.

I’ve been making progress with my blankie from the blanket KAL.  It is moving slowly but surely – I haven’t got progress pics because I forgot to take photo’s before I left for work this morning, so I will have to do a separate post on that.

The first of the Christmas knitting has begun, with a little something for someone I know.  Not giving details in case she reads, but I will show you a pic,


The pattern is lovely – details can be found on Ravelry if anyone is interested – I know that she can’t get there!

Next up is a new line that I have been working on for my artfire store – ipod cozies!  Or anything else for that matter, I could make one to fit anything, but ready made ones are ipod for now :o)


I received a wonderful swap package from Kellie (aka Redplaid)!  It was part of the Starbucks and yarn swap.  I adored everything in my package!  Kellie was kind enough to send me a butt load of souvenirs (which I love).  The up shot is that my kitchen is going to be accessorised in red, so a lot of them will fit in really nicely there.



The earring are handmade by a first nations person, the stitch markers by Kellie herself.  The yarn is Handmaiden and absolutely divine!

The other item on the left is an umbrella hat.  I thought in the spirit of showing usefullness I would model this to prove that I really will use everything in the package;

At first I was unsure of the look


Then I perused the office while we were getting to know one another,


Then I thought what the hell, have fun with it, make it your own….


I decided this was too much, so went for a more sombre approach,

PIC_0314I finally decided that the simple approach was all that was needed, so I put on a smile and we have been friends ever since!


In other news, Poppy has met her match!  She met a doggie that can play as long as her, as rough as her and won’t take any of her crap.  Her name is Molly and she is my sisters pup.  She is around 8 months old and a collie/springer mix.  They spent all evening yesterday playing


Which left Poppy like this for the rest of the night


Aww, sweet!

….to Anthea.  She is the winner of the competition with comment number 8.

I will be in touch shortly Anthea to let you know how to claim your prize.random

Sorry I am late this week (again!) 
It’s been a bank holiday in the UK and my first week back in work so things have been a little hectic.
Can you believe we are at week 12 already!  Half way through!
The patterns are back on my blog for this week www.welshmillie.wordpress.com under the blanket KAL page
In honor of this, I’m going to have a competition.
Leave my a comment on my blog, under the week 12 post with a pattern square that you would like to see in the blanket.  I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner.  The winner will receive a $10 cert from my store to spend on what ever they want.
  • No more than an 18 stitch repeat
  • Patterned only (no lace, cables, fair isle or intarsia) (dishcloth type squares are welcome though)
  • Patterns must be original or credit for where they were found given.
  • Pattern will be sent out w/c 14/09/09
  • Entries accepted for one week

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