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and amongst other things I am an eat-a-holic!

*hello Sarah*

I’m beginning to think I have an addictive personality.  If I like something I have to collect it to the extreme.  I won’t rest until a new fixation takes over.  And recently my addiction has been food, and naturally I collect it in fat around my middle.

I’ve decided to purge the stored up food though and swap it for crafty supplies instead.  And the thought of appearing in front of a large group of people in a flowery tent bridesmaids dress has nothing to do with.

I’ve known something had to be done for a while now.  The wake up call was on Valentines day when DH suggested going out for a meal – I was horrified, scared and embarressed at the thought of going out and other people seeing the big fat monster eat.  Then mum announced her engagement/wedding to her boyfriend and I knew action had to be taken.

Mum is getting married on Aug 29th 2010.  So I have joined Weight Watchers again.  I am hoping to be a dress size 12 by the time the wedding comes, but I plan to loose 52.5 lbs in total.  I’m guestimating that I will have to loose about 38 lbs to be that size in August. 

The good news is I have already lost 8.5 lbs.  I’ve averaged about 2 lb a week and I’m really happy with that.  If I can keep this kind of focus I should be able to make my goal with no problem.  I’m also feeling really good about it.  My confidence has grown, I feel better, I’ve started wearing make up on a daily basis (something that I have not done for a couple of years) and I feel  happier.

Mum brought me a pair of jeans for Christmas that were just on the verge of cutting off the blood supply to my nether regions, but now they fit perfectly.  That is the kind of motivation that I need!

Here’s to shedding the pounds!


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