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Firstly let’s deal with the Oopsie.  You might have got the impression from my last post that the Weight Watchers was not going well – this was confirmed by my weigh in.  I put on 2lbs.  This did not make Sarah a happy bunny.  I knew it was going to happen, I expected it when I got to the scales, hell, I even told my leader that I had put on just before she weighed me, but when I saw the little figures flash up and then when my leader put my gained 2lbs in a little circle on my card, I was distraught!

The thing that works for me with Weight Watchers is the fact that I have to go to a complete stranger to get weighed.  I am not overly fond of this practice and I am even less fond of going if said person is going to say ‘well, yup, we know someone ain’t been good – get off the scales yer fat heffer’ 

*not that my leader really talks like that.  She is a lovely lady who is full of concern if I’m not happy*

I really begrudge spending £17.95 of my hard earned cash for someone to tell me I’m fat – I can do that to my self perfectly well for *free*.  So if I have to spend £17.95 of my hard earned cash, I darn well better be getting some good news from it once a week.

So this week I have almost religously stuck to my points, I have written down every morsel of food stuffs that has crossed my lips (even ketchup!?!) and I think it is paying off.  Remember the jeans that mum brought me for Christmas?  Well this morning I had to go and buy a belt for them!  Else I would have flashed my butt right the way across campus (and that does not bode well for a paying job, not even mentioning paying £17.95 for Weight Watchers).  I wore these jeans last week and they were not this loose.  I have had a sneaky go on the scales, but I’m not saying anything until my official weigh in on Monday, but I think it is going to be a good un next week.

I have also had other success – the ipod cosy that I made last week, it has sold.  It is currently winging it’s way across the pond to the USA.  I hope cosy and owner have a long and happy life together.  In that vein, I have started another, this one a stripey one.  A few more stripes and it should be finished, so watch out for it in the store.

I might make a couple more to go in there – goodness knows it will help with stash reduction!

I have also finished another UFO – Bev’s Veg Hammock is off the hook.

Bev is happy with it, it seems functional and it looks pretty.  I’m going to try this netting pattern with something else over the weekend, I’ll let you know how it progresses.

This leaves me now with 6 UFO’s.  I don’t think I will be keeping up the same pace as with the others.  The ones I have left have got much less progression and 3 of them are lace projects, but as long as I work on them one at a time I’m sure to have them finished soon.  The next one is going to be the jumper as this has the most progress on it.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have put a couple of hours progress on it – the weekend is going to be another busy one though, so I’m not holding my breath.

This weekend I’m going to Spinning Guild and get to play with the spinning wheels – fingers crossed I will be able to reserve one to make it mine!

I think that’s long enough for this post!



Posted on: April 8, 2010

For several reasons:

First, and this is laughable considering my last post – I’m struggling already with weight watchers, but I’m determined that by next Monday I will have dragged myself back on track.

Second, I have self published my first pattern (non Ravelry link here )!  I’m excited but nervous!  What if no one likes it!  I’ve also listed a complete cozy if anyone is interested, you can find it in my etsy shop.

Third, I have actually finished several UFO’s that have been hanging around for a couple *ahem* several years.  I’m really pleased with them and glad to have them off my list.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have a Winnie the Pooh (OTN since 2003), A cowl which was a scarf (OTN since 2007), Christines Xmas Socks (OTN since 2009 – not too bad but still a UFO) and the Star Blankie (OTN since 2008).  Now I’ve just got about 6 more to finish 😀

Fourth, Mum’s impending nuptuals in August meant that I have been crafting for the wedding, I am however on the ball!  Invitiations, RSVP cards, Favour Cards and Wine Glass Charms are almost finished – pics as they get done.

Fifth, I had a swap package delivered yesterday from the Plurky friends Swap.  My gift came from CHiC on Plurk.  She sent some yarn and a book that she is the author of.  Thank you so much Claudia, I really appreciate your package!

Sixth, I heard about an online magazine on Danido’s Craft Culture Podcast called Knitcircus.  What I found really awesome, besides the mag itself is that they sell the entire collection of 20 patterns for an amazing $7.50.  That is a complete bargain!  The patterns are really lovely and ok maybe not all of them are my cup of tea, but at that price I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t like them all.

Seventh, last week has been a good one for good mail days.  I got a box off Amazon, which contained a couple of books I’ve ordered.  I got Turn Coat by Jim Butcher, the Dresden Files is a set of books I love, so I can’t wait to start reading this one.  Respect the Spindle by Abbie Franquemont this looks really good, I’ve had a quick look through and I was impressed, I might do a proper review under a separate post when I’ve looked at it properly.  Lastly I got Doggie Knits so that I could make little Poppy a coat.  There are some fun (yet practical, I can’t stand stupid things on animals) designs.

Speaking of Poppy, I have noticed some new behaviour in her recently.  She has deemed herself Chief Inspector of Things in our house.  Pictures of her in action:

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my new teapot and cup

Isn’t it adorable?  I just love the way his tail and arm make the handles on the cup and teapot!

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