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Blanket KAL Page…

If you are part of the Blanket KAL, you will find all of your patterns here.  Numbered by week, you will need the password off me before you are able to access the document.  As always, if you have any problems let me know.


I’m going to try a different approach to letting you have the files for the Blanket KAL.

In future I will be posting the files here, password protected.  Until I can think of a better way I will be sending out the passwords by email, as each week will be different.

Week 1  – cable

Week 2  – intasia

Week 3  – pattern

Week 4  – lace

Week 5  – pattern

Week 6  – pattern

Week 7  – intarsia

Week 8  – pattern

Week 9  – cable

Week 10  – pattern

Week 11  – lace

Week 12  – pattern

Week 13  – fair isle

Week 14  – pattern

Week 15  – cable

Week 16  – pattern

Week 17 – Lace

week 18 – Pattern

Week 19 – Cable

Week 20 – Pattern

Week 21 – Pattern

Week 22 – Lace

Week 23 – Pattern

Week 24 – Cable

Week 25 – Fair Isle

Hope this works out – let me know what you think.

Happy Knitting 😉


2 Responses to "Blanket KAL Page…"

[…] Blanket KAL Page… Time is running out… […]

aw I discovered this a bit late to join in. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed blankets.

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