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I have no excuses – I am lazy and have been working on expanding my butt whilst sitting on the couch!

I’m still feeling pretty lazy, so…..I am going to do a picta-post.

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So, in no particluar order I spun my first hand spun, plied and set the twist now it is ready for knitting with (I’m thinking of making a cowl), Christine had a birthday so we had an office party, we took Poppy and Nephew to Llangollen (view over river) where I brought him chocolate ice cream, which he managed to wear more of than eat, when blowing up the balloons Poppy had a freak out – also see video below, Pics of alf and millie just prove they are still here, pretty little cat clips that I found (not sure what to do with them yet, but they were too cute to leave behind), Poppy had a bath after Nephew also coated her in chocolate ice cream (she was not pleased), pics of sis and great tanning incident (she went into spray booth and asked for the tan to be ‘noticable’ she was worried about the final colour in the morning), Poppy attacks DH with particulary vicious kisses, Nephew turns into monster, some pendants that I am quite proud of (can be found on artfire site, search for Welshmillie), re-took photos of all of arfire products, some bags that I am thinking of selling (their sizes aren’t perfect, so maybe discounted), Knitting Cluedo is going well there is still time to sign up, I finished this nanner sock but going to have to undo the bind off cos it is too tight (any suggestions?!?)…..and…..phew!

That is it, in a nutshell.

I have started another lot of spinning and started washing a fleece, but that will be another post, maybe on Sunday.

Before I go, I will let you witness the Poppy and the balloon incident – it’s across a couple of vids…

If anyone wants me I’ll be making a butt shaped dent in the sofa…..


In my infinite wisdom I decided to dust off the sewing machine and start to sew again (not that I really knew what I was doing in the first place) and I decided to try and sew patterns…..

It all ended reasonably well – I made flishies for the kitties.  Filled with catnip – they loved them!  Unfortunately there are no pictures as they won’t leave them alone – I do have a video though.  Unfortunately I am going to leave it for another day, as I can’t work out the picture thiny let alone the video bit this post if going to obese enough.

Now this was dangerous you see, because now I was caught with the bug.  I wanted more and more and before you new it I was designing the worlds next fashion show, so I talked myself down and decided that I would pick up a project that I hadn’t even cast a second glance at in 14 years! 

A sewing UFO


I dusted off the box, and looked at what I had completed.  I had cut out all the material and made the head.  Aww!  Then I sat for the next 5 hours and continued to sew until Toby Bear was born.

I love Toby bear.  He sits and guards my rocking chair in the corner of the room. 

The probem was that Toby had created a monster – I was convinced that I was invincible in the sewing world.  I could do anything!

I HAVE THE POWER!  (sorry bad he-man quote).  Ahem.

I thought that I could make my own pattern – easy.  I knew how to add zips in – they were easy.  And I created a bag that made me eat sleep and bathe in humble pie.  The sewing was wonky, things were sewn together that weren’t meant to be sewn together – the bag was *just* big enough.  Litterally another hair in there and the bag was too small.  So with my cheeks burning in shame I went into a corner and sulked.

After I had had a massive temper tantrum dusted myself off and patted myself on the back for maturity I went back to the drawing board and created this….


It is for my ipod.  There is a pouch for the headphones.  A rivet hole to thread the cord through.  My own piping, zipper the works.  I am back to being the ruler of the sewing universe a person who is able to make my own stuff.  I am incredibly proud of this bag.

The next item I made on a whim.  Just because I was bored.  I looked at what fabric I had and went from there.  And made this.  I love this little pillow, I found a tutorial online and made it from there.  The tutorial is fab, very clear and concise.

I have decided that I will be keeping the gift for a Christmas gift.  That is that for the sewing.  I have plenty of plans but haven’t got around to doing anything about them yet.

The other craft I have been working on is a Macrame ipod bag.  I had never heard of this craft, but really liked the look of the product, so thought what the hell, I’ll give this a go.  I got the tutorial from craftzine.com.  I haven’t finished the bag yet, but I am enjoying making it.

That is all for now, check back soon.

These are my babies, the tabby is called Millicent Mook (Millie for short) and the tuxedo is called George you little %&*^$& get down off the ^^%%*^&* curtains and leave your *^%$*&* sister alone (or George for short).

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