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Just a quick post to let you know that I  updated my artfire store yesterday.  There are a couple of new pendants in there for sale.  Hopefully I should be doing a stitch marker update this week too, and maybe even one with some notion/knitting bags in.  We’ll see. 🙂

Also there is still time to sign up for the knitting cluedo swap.  The partners aren’t assigned for another couple of weeks and the swap is 4/5 weeks long, so you have plenty of time to prepare your goodies.


I have an idea, and then this was formed.

Go over and have a look and let me know what you think….

C&C’s appreciated….Knitting Cluedo avatar

random number

The random number generator picked comment number 4, which is EddG’s pattern.  The pattern will be posted to blanket KAL participants a week tomorrow (20th July).

Congratulations EddyG!

I’m catching up on my blanket.  Yes I know I’m the host, but last I checked hosts weren’t some mystical beings who could stop time just so that they could join in with their KAL 🙂

I have been knitting and sorting and knitting and sorting and selling.  I have been doing some serious decluttering, and so selling on ebay.  Some of the stuff is too good quality to throw away, so I have been trying to gain a little money in the funds – hopefully I’m going to have enough to save for a spinning wheel.  I have been freecycling too – whoever thought that one up is a genius!

I have had a bad experience though – I’ve learnt that not all knitters are nice people or the person in question wasn’t really a knitter at all (which is the version I like to believe).  We all know there are pyscho’s hidden in most corners somewhere, but I’m just shocked that one came out in a knitterly capacity.  But the thought of things to come has spur me on to forget about (to quote plurker Tamsie) ‘the silly-billy lady’ 😉

There is just something nice about decluttering I think.  I am a real pack rat.  I can hoard with the best of them, but I love the declutter part too.  My first major declutter was last year (hearby named The Great Declutter of 2008) where I removed the contents of a large semi-detached house from my small 1 bedroomed flat.  Don’t ask me how I managed to keep it all in there I have no idea.  Then every couple of months since I have found that I have been subconciously decluttering a little more, until hopefully it’s at a level that I can live with.

This go around we cleared out the attic (there is nothing like clearing the previous two tenants crap of the attic to really evaluate what you keep!), DH’s wardrobe and tall boy, my wardrobe and tall boy (including handbags I might add, and I did it voluntarily), under the bed and a little bit in the kitchen.

Once this little lot has sold on ebay, there are a couple of things in the living room that I know will need a new home soon, so they can get added on too.  If anyone is interested I will be destashing old copies of Let’s Knit, Simply Knitting, The Knitter and the first two issues of Inside Crochet soon.  Let me know if you would like first dibs.

Now on to the contest!

This is my first one, so be gentle with me!

As some of you will know I am hosting a KAL over on Ravelry and I am looking for idea’s for the patterned squares.  The contest is this:

  1. Leave a comment nominating a patterned square of your choice
  2. The pattern repeat can be no more than 12 stitches
  3. No lace, fair isle, intarsia or cables as these are covered by other blocks (think dish cloth, moss stitch etc)
  4. You must state the source of the pattern with a link to be fair to the designer
  5. There must be clear instructions to go with the pattern, some of the participants are newbies
  6. It can be knit with any yarn, any needle, any guage

The winner (chosen at random) will have their block knit up w/c 20th July  in the KAL and will win a set of stitch markers or earrings and a notion bag from my store  of their choice.

Contest will be open until Sunday 6pm (GMT).  I will announce the winner then.

Happy Knitting 🙂

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