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So, most people within listening distance know of my desire to become a housewife.  I would love the cooking, crafting, cleaning ok maybe not that, growing plants and flowers and veg.  Add a couple of rugrats into the mix and I would be in my element.  But someone went and invented cash, and then all of a sudden there is a need for it, and people have to work to get the cash.  What happened to bartering with chickens for cripes sake.   My housewife dream floats further and further away……..

But then Miss V introduces the plurkette hencircle and I am busy reeling my dream back in again. 

I have always been a more traditional girl at heart.  Yes I went through my goth stage, and punk too, but while my friends were busy contemplating death and it’s benefits I was in the kitchen making them pie to go with those contemplations, and knitting them a ‘something’ to keep them warm too!  All these things were decidedly not cool. 

Why did women burn their bra’s in the 70’s, if I was there preparing potatoes to roast in the fire?  My friends who were already weird, though I was the weirdest one there.

So there we have it, I have a dream, a job that I am happy in as far as jobs go, a husgeek who humours me and two cats. 

So why do I want to nourish my dream – beacause it’s a dream and a dream that can’t be a reality is a very sad thing.

I am going to be doing some experimental baking soon.  New docs diet says no wheat, no dairy and I don’t eat meat.  So I am going to attempt to make some cakes that include none of the above.



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