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What have I been up to this week you may ask.  Well contain yourselves for the rollercoaster of excitement.  I mean really, sit down and remove any items that could help suicidal tendancies get yourself a stiff drink….

Besides from the normal, sort tidy ebay routine that is pretty much the norm recently I have discovered a new craft.  Origami.

I love it.  How you fold a seemingly innocent piece of paper into any number of things with no glue or tape and it sticks there all by itself.  So inbetween working when I get a spare few minutes I have been crafting these in the office:

An origami Cat

A cat





A mini photo album

A mini photo album which has pictures of all my babies in.  From left to right Daisy, Millie, two of George, Alf and of course Poppy.

A shirt

A shirt It’s meant to be made out of a dollar bill, but I’m in the UK and we don’t have them.






Origami stars  I have been making these for a while  – I love them.  They are so cute and easy to do.  You can make them anywhere.







nanner sockI have been knitting on the blanket KAL (pics to follow) and on my nanner sock too.  It’s progressing nicely now.  Can you see the difference in pattern?  This was how far I was when I discovered the mistake.  The top is much flatter without the knobbly bits on the lower half.  I think the lower half looks like dragon scales. 

I think I have about 4 more rows and then I will start the ribbing for the cuff.  Hopefully this should be done today.  I may have an actual finished object next time I post.

DISCLAIMER:  If anyone suffered any adverse reactions from the excitement, such as fainting, heart attack, palpatations or similarly expressed suicidal tendancies using normally harmless objects I will not be held responsible.  You only have to read these posts, I have to live them.  There is no exageration, this is my life.


view on the way home

Originally uploaded by welsh_millie

Another view on home – the scenery round there is beautiful.

On the way home 2

Originally uploaded by welsh_millie

This is a picture of the view on the way home from Llandrindod Wells. Lots and lots of green – is it any wonder that it is my favourite colour.

I heart my phone Cozy Pattern

Turquoise I Heart my iPod Cozy

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