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Hi guys

Time is definately flying by! I can’t believe we are at week 8 already.

This week I have chosen a pattern method that I have been wondering how to complete, so thought a small square might be the way to learn!

The pattern can be found on the blog, under week 8. Remeber to knit your plain block too!

I will be posting a poll later on today on the main page of the blog so keep an eye out for it over there, or for the announcement on the Ravelry message board.

So how are you guys doing, still ok? Still enthusiastic? It’s been a little quiet on the boards and just want to make sure you are all still hanging in there. Make sure to update your pics!

Happy Knitting



Forgot to say that week 7’s pattern is up on the blanket KAL page…..

If you have the password go on over and find it…

I’m going to try a different approach to letting you have the files for the Blanket KAL.

In future I will be posting the files here, password protected.  Until I can think of a better way I will be sending out the passwords by email, as each week will be different.


I’m catching up on my blanket.  Yes I know I’m the host, but last I checked hosts weren’t some mystical beings who could stop time just so that they could join in with their KAL 🙂

I have been knitting and sorting and knitting and sorting and selling.  I have been doing some serious decluttering, and so selling on ebay.  Some of the stuff is too good quality to throw away, so I have been trying to gain a little money in the funds – hopefully I’m going to have enough to save for a spinning wheel.  I have been freecycling too – whoever thought that one up is a genius!

I have had a bad experience though – I’ve learnt that not all knitters are nice people or the person in question wasn’t really a knitter at all (which is the version I like to believe).  We all know there are pyscho’s hidden in most corners somewhere, but I’m just shocked that one came out in a knitterly capacity.  But the thought of things to come has spur me on to forget about (to quote plurker Tamsie) ‘the silly-billy lady’ 😉

There is just something nice about decluttering I think.  I am a real pack rat.  I can hoard with the best of them, but I love the declutter part too.  My first major declutter was last year (hearby named The Great Declutter of 2008) where I removed the contents of a large semi-detached house from my small 1 bedroomed flat.  Don’t ask me how I managed to keep it all in there I have no idea.  Then every couple of months since I have found that I have been subconciously decluttering a little more, until hopefully it’s at a level that I can live with.

This go around we cleared out the attic (there is nothing like clearing the previous two tenants crap of the attic to really evaluate what you keep!), DH’s wardrobe and tall boy, my wardrobe and tall boy (including handbags I might add, and I did it voluntarily), under the bed and a little bit in the kitchen.

Once this little lot has sold on ebay, there are a couple of things in the living room that I know will need a new home soon, so they can get added on too.  If anyone is interested I will be destashing old copies of Let’s Knit, Simply Knitting, The Knitter and the first two issues of Inside Crochet soon.  Let me know if you would like first dibs.

Now on to the contest!

This is my first one, so be gentle with me!

As some of you will know I am hosting a KAL over on Ravelry and I am looking for idea’s for the patterned squares.  The contest is this:

  1. Leave a comment nominating a patterned square of your choice
  2. The pattern repeat can be no more than 12 stitches
  3. No lace, fair isle, intarsia or cables as these are covered by other blocks (think dish cloth, moss stitch etc)
  4. You must state the source of the pattern with a link to be fair to the designer
  5. There must be clear instructions to go with the pattern, some of the participants are newbies
  6. It can be knit with any yarn, any needle, any guage

The winner (chosen at random) will have their block knit up w/c 20th July  in the KAL and will win a set of stitch markers or earrings and a notion bag from my store  of their choice.

Contest will be open until Sunday 6pm (GMT).  I will announce the winner then.

Happy Knitting 🙂

Everyone should have received their week 4 emails by now – if not let me know.

Vote for your fav block below, another simple pattern block.

Proper blog post to follow….

Happy Knitting :o)

This week has been hectic to say the least!

There has been cleaning out of the attic, freecycling and ebaying (can you tell I’m preparing for something ;o) – NO I’m not pregnant).

When things are more set in stone I can announce it to the world (insert evil laugh here).  My living room is looking a little more homely and a little less murubbi’s removals now – I seem to be getting some kind of order in here and in case you are wondering it does have an effect on the knitting.

When I feel like I am in Chaos, whether it be in work, home or family life, I simply can’t settle myself down to knit.  I am either really tired and feel unable to do anything or have to be cleaning or tidying somewhere to keep myself busy.  When things are calmer I am too.  I find I can relax better, have a lot more energy and concentration.  With each little bit of the clutter going I can feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I am making progress with my blanket, but I have to admit I am a little behind, but I am hoping to catch up this week so I will be on the same page as everyone else.

I have counted the poll for this weeks block, but there are only 40 votes, despite there being over 100 taking part – so don’t forget to vote for the block you would most like.  It is your blanket as much as mine, so you deserve some input into it too!

This KAL has really surprised me!  I started off with 9 of my Plurk buds , then over night it exploded.  I have even had some people request that I sell them the pattern!  I have had more requests for people to join though, so I am thinking of starting round 2 within the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I will be able to give people a little more time than 24hrs to sign up!

Anyway, on with the Poll – I thought we should try some lace knitting this week.

Happy Knitting!

I’m not sure which square to do now! 

The KAL has had a massive explosion of participants, which while is lovely and quite flattering but is rather daunting too.  The new people are also at a disadvatage too as they are starting in on week 2 so have a little bit to catch up on, so maybe something simple for week 3?

Whaddya think?  These will go under the ‘pattern’ blocks section.

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