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In my infinite wisdom I decided to dust off the sewing machine and start to sew again (not that I really knew what I was doing in the first place) and I decided to try and sew patterns…..

It all ended reasonably well – I made flishies for the kitties.  Filled with catnip – they loved them!  Unfortunately there are no pictures as they won’t leave them alone – I do have a video though.  Unfortunately I am going to leave it for another day, as I can’t work out the picture thiny let alone the video bit this post if going to obese enough.

Now this was dangerous you see, because now I was caught with the bug.  I wanted more and more and before you new it I was designing the worlds next fashion show, so I talked myself down and decided that I would pick up a project that I hadn’t even cast a second glance at in 14 years! 

A sewing UFO


I dusted off the box, and looked at what I had completed.  I had cut out all the material and made the head.  Aww!  Then I sat for the next 5 hours and continued to sew until Toby Bear was born.

I love Toby bear.  He sits and guards my rocking chair in the corner of the room. 

The probem was that Toby had created a monster – I was convinced that I was invincible in the sewing world.  I could do anything!

I HAVE THE POWER!  (sorry bad he-man quote).  Ahem.

I thought that I could make my own pattern – easy.  I knew how to add zips in – they were easy.  And I created a bag that made me eat sleep and bathe in humble pie.  The sewing was wonky, things were sewn together that weren’t meant to be sewn together – the bag was *just* big enough.  Litterally another hair in there and the bag was too small.  So with my cheeks burning in shame I went into a corner and sulked.

After I had had a massive temper tantrum dusted myself off and patted myself on the back for maturity I went back to the drawing board and created this….


It is for my ipod.  There is a pouch for the headphones.  A rivet hole to thread the cord through.  My own piping, zipper the works.  I am back to being the ruler of the sewing universe a person who is able to make my own stuff.  I am incredibly proud of this bag.

The next item I made on a whim.  Just because I was bored.  I looked at what fabric I had and went from there.  And made this.  I love this little pillow, I found a tutorial online and made it from there.  The tutorial is fab, very clear and concise.

I have decided that I will be keeping the gift for a Christmas gift.  That is that for the sewing.  I have plenty of plans but haven’t got around to doing anything about them yet.

The other craft I have been working on is a Macrame ipod bag.  I had never heard of this craft, but really liked the look of the product, so thought what the hell, I’ll give this a go.  I got the tutorial from craftzine.com.  I haven’t finished the bag yet, but I am enjoying making it.

That is all for now, check back soon.


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