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You see Poppy likes the toys that make the most noise.  She loves this one at the moment, but when she sits still and chews it, it makes no noise, so she has to move it around in the best way she can to get it to make the most noise!


I thought I would give you an update on Poppy.

She is still an adorable little bundle who likes to get up with her mummy, even when she is really tired.  Sometimes she yawns that hard she makes a little squeak and shakes her head, but if mummy is up then she is missing some valuable time with her.  She likes to sleep in the bedroom and occasionally manages to sneak into the bed under the quilt and curls up by my feet.

She has lots of favourite toys.  When she goes out her bright pink ball is the best because she can see it anywhere it lands.  In the house she likes her teddies best and often carries one around with her when she is following her mummy.

She is very friendly on walks and likes to make friends with all the other dogs.  She has problems with my sisters dogs though.  Mya (an alaskan malamute) tries to treat her like her own pup, but she is a big girl now and doesn’t want to be cleaned.  Molly (a spaniel and collie crosss) and Poppy are a bit short tempered with each other.   They are both pups so each trying to get the top dog spot.  Charlie (a collie and retriever cross) my mums dog acts as security though and keeps everyone in line.

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